Gimnazija in ekonomska srednja šola Trbovlje (high school and secondary business school Trbovlje) under the tutorship of Faculty for Social Sciences is included in the international project Unite (2006-2008). The project is coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute from Germany. The Unite is examining the latest technologies on the field of e-education, m-education and communication between pupils and teachers. For this purpose a special highly dynamic web site has been formed. It is used on different levels of educational process and with different pedagogical scenarios, adapted to the age of the pupils. Countries included in this project besides Slovenia and Germany are also Greece, England, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia. As the first attempt of the implementation we have decided to join the project in Trbovlje. And this guide is the result of the project.

Text: Marina Tomažič, Maša Kafel, Marija Topole, Martina Krajnc
Photography: Jaka Doberlet, Andrej Podlesnik, Žiga Repovž, Aleksandra Debevec
Design: Miha Biruš
Animation: Andrej Dolenc, Jure Gašparut
English translation: Melanija Majdič-Zupančič
Tutor: Marjana Pograjc Debevec
Faculty of social sciences: Vika Pušnik

Gimnazija in ekonomska srednja šola Trbovlje Gimnazijska cesta 10 1420 Trbovlje Slovenija

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